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Colombia - La Vega

Colombia - La Vega

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We are excited to bring you a clean and downright fun coffee from one of our direct trade partners, Paisa Coffee. Paisa is a small group of specialty coffee farms in Colombia that take advantage of a shared export/import network to gain better direct access to consumers and help stabilize their incomes. Finca La Vega is one of the these farms and they work hard to continually improve their harvest and farming techniques. Such incredibly hard work by Paisa and La Vega results in 100% traceability, higher wages and an amazing cup. We are proud to be able to feature their coffee!

Each bag contains either 9 ounces (255.5 grams) or 4.5 ounces (128 grams) of delicious small batch specialty coffee. We only ship whole beans to maximize freshness.

Country: Colombia
Region: Amagá
Farm: La Vega
Altitude: 1800 - 1900 meters above sea level
Process: Washed
Varietal: Castillo Rosario
Tasting notes: Apple, red berries, brown sugar